Kale Hash

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April 5, 2017

This is perfect to go with everything for your packed lunch. A delicious and healthy base for your hearty meal.

  • Prep: 5 mins
  • Cook: 10 mins


Diced Sweet Onion

Diced Red Pepper

Uncured Black Forest Bacon

3-4 stalks of Red Kale

3-4 stalks of Lacinato Kale

Grass Fed Ghee

Himalayan Pink or Sea Salt

Black Pepper


11. Start out by cooking up your bacon to just about the way you like it. You're going to throw it back in for just a bit more at the end with all the other ingredients so don't overcook it. I like mine more chewy than crispy. Once done take it and put it aside. Dice up the onions and peppers. In a good sized fry pan put a spoonful or so of ghee. I keep the heat about medium. Stoves are different though so adjust accordingly. Once it is melted move it around to cover the bottom of the pan and throw in your peppers and onions. Move em around some to get them kind of coated with the ghee. While that is cooking up I chop the Kale up. I throw everything in, stalk and all, but if its too bitter or you don't like that just use the leafy stuff.

22. I chop it fairly small mostly for ease of eating because I usually make this for the thermos for lunch. Once the Kale is chopped, give the onions and peppers a stir and then throw all the kale on top. I than add the salt and pepper on top and put a lid on it and let it wilt some.

33. Grab your bacon and slice it across into the size you like, I go about 1/2 inch across size strips. Take the lid off and throw the bacon in and give it a stir to mix it all up. Now its just cooking it till the kale is the consistency you prefer. I like mine kind of "al dente."

This recipe was submitted by Rebooter Victor Spata ? -- I have made this same basic thing with a bunch of variations. Different kales. I have used spinach instead or half spinach, half kale. For the meat I have used grass fed bratwurst, leftover grass fed steak. I have added fresh garlic to the onions and peppers when I have the time. For seasoning, experiment with flavors you like. I have pretty much stuck with just salt and pepper because I like the main flavors coming from the bacon and kale (I am luck enough to really like greens. kale, chard, broccoli rabe, collards), but if eating greens is kind of a chore for you , go heavier on the peppers and onions, add other seasonings or herbs you like to taste.

I use this recipe usually as a base for something else. Most often its a thermos lunch with scrambled eggs. I take the kale hash and load that in the thermos, then make my scrambled eggs and put those on top and add a pat of kerry gold on top before I close the thermos which melts down through the eggs and hash. I have also made it to go with liver and onions.


Credits: Rebooter Victor Spata


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